Seven4sky, is pronounced (seven - for - sky) it was originally created because what I wanted was taken, and I wanted the number 7 to somehow be included, and I did not want 74sky, because everyone would assume seventy-four.

In the Bible Seven is the number of God, or the number of completeness. Sometimes we associate that God, who is in Heaven is somewhere in the sky. You put those 2 together, and you get seven4sky. Its not perfect, but what happens when you pick a domain name, and use it for 9 years, you get stuck with it, whether you like it or not, so here I am stuck with it, and looks like I will keep it for life. Oh my.

Rose Paris, was another one of those names, not the best thought out as well. It was from my flower picture taking days, and was about Roses being beautiful or flowers, and Paris being about love, and the two together is lovely flower photography. Oh my.