Welcome To Seven4sky (seven for sky).

Seven4sky.com is the landing page, and home email address of Sam Gill. It is where I launch my other projects from, and what could have been described as a place holder for a parent company, before I created Rose Paris.

Seven4sky.com over the years has hosted many personal projects, and journeys, but now those journeys are being taken to the next level. Those ventures are now being applied professionally, with my combined skillset, talent, and experience to explore new possibilities, within Faith, Music, and Art. I have never been able to say, that I am just one, or that I am more one than the other. Faith, is what inspires my creativity. Music creates art, as much as the art I create, inspires more music to be written. They both co-exist, and drive each other.

In the other sections of this website you will have the chance to know about my history, read about my faith, know where to find my music, learn about my art interests, and find ways you can contact me if you like.

Thanks for visiting.