Onitod, is my instrumental, and commercial avenue for music, but it has a special meaning. Onitod (Ahon - eh - Tod) is a special combination of letter from three words: Only With God. For as it took me nearly 15 years to realize that - apart from God, I can not write music, it is like constant writers block. However when my soul looks inward to God (1Cor2:6), because of that, I can tap into an unlimited source of inspiration. A source of inspiration, that without a doubt can write 19 songs/compositions in a single day. A source, that can supply the ability for me to write a new album every month, for years, and not run dry. It is an eternal spring of inspiration, and creativity. Because of this, and in honor of God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I dedicated all my past music, and all my future music, to be known, that it is God that inspires me.

Of course I realized that soon enough, and many years ago, that instrumental music alone has no direction, even if the titles of the songs themselves well meant, it is not possible to always be turned towards God. That is why Spoken Hope was created. It is the Faith-only work, that I do. It is only for ministry purposes. Every intention was made, so that it is correct, and good, and that it encourages the believer, and helps them to understand who God is, and it reminds the listener to return to God, and seek His holy ways.

Electronic Worship Format (EWF), was a great way to manage all of the music, and ideas that are going to be released from Spoken Hope. I soon discovered that it becomes difficult to put together albums, when there is no standard format. No type of path, no direction. The EWF attempts to solve that problem, but it is not made to make things ritualistic, rather it was created so that I would not forget to add all the elements that need to exist. I am a firm believer, that the scripture on its own is enough to convict someone's heart, because it is the Holy Spirit which purges us of unclean things, and it is the Holy Spirit which calls us to be righteous, and it is for that reason, that we can rest assured, that if someone's heart is open, that the Holy Spirit can take it from there. I believe that we open our hearts when we worship, and not that worship is an event, it is a lifestyle, but you need help along the way, reminders to point you back to God, and so that is the purpose of EWF, and Spoken Hope, to point you back, its made for listening to in the car, or for a small group, or for just you, perhaps in your room alone. I listen to it when I am in the car, to help me, to slow down,
and not get agitated, to calm down, and relax, and trust in God. It helps to distract me from other things, that go on, or that would take my focus away from God.