My friend was talking to me, and we were comparing the Old Testament with the New Testament teachings. I was telling him, about how that in 1 Kings, and 1 Samuel, that many times Saul, or David, they kept saying -- Lord do not leave me -- and in the commentator Notes in the Ryrie Bible, he says that in the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit was temporary and selective, but that after pentecost, the Holy Spirit is permanent, and everywhere.

From 2Cor 2:6, it tells us that our bodies are Holy Temples. In the Old Testament, people had to build altars, and sacrifice to God. But not anymore:

Altars -- have become our bodies,
Sacrifice -- Jesus was the final sacrifice, now we just offer up prayers, and speak our confessions
Blood -- Blood was always needed -- faith in the Blood, has replaced the need for physical blood

Now one thing that has not changed, is that in Deuteronomy, and Leviticus, the Bible says that we are guilty for the sin we have confessed, but we are also guilt for sins that we do not even know that we are committing. Therefore it is imperative that when we pray, we confess what we know we are guilty for, and also whatever sins that we are guilty of but are unaware of.

I feel that many people, have only prayed for the sins that they know they committed. Once I started praying for the ones I did not even know about, I felt a very heaven burden lift up from me, and go away.

God said to the Jews, -- set yourselves apart - make yourselves Holy, for I am Holy.

Once we believe in Jesus Christ, and the Blood that he paid for our souls, so that we might be able to know God the Father, and the Holy Spirit, we become heirs to the kingdom, just as Paul says. Our reward for following God, is that (1) we will be filled with peace (2) we shall no longer fear death (3) we will be raised with the saints (4) we will serve God - and it will feel wonderful - because we were created to do it - it will feel better than the best pleasures on earth (5) we will feel purpose and meaning for life, and (6) God will fill up our soul with completeness, and wholeness, so that we know longer will care what someone says, for we will have God's genuine stamp of approval on our life, which is accompanied with unlimited grace and love. There are more things that can be said as well.