My love of photography falls on the study of light, distance(perspective), and focus. There is a certain joy out of being able to pick up a camera or draw on a canvas, and have something that is truly remarkable that you want to hang it on every wall in your house.

My love of photography in particular has inspired me to work on stop-motion short films. It also allows me the ability to combine my computer skills, programming, and music skills into a complete package.

All of the short stop-motion videos that I have been working on since 2006, have been reformatted from source material for HD quality. I have been waiting on the music, to be finalized, and now that it has gone out, in June of 2009, I can finally start the process of exporting the movies with the proper sound. This has been a 3 year project, and of course the music that I drew upon, had been created but not published since 1997, and more so since 2000/2001.

I found that one of the same issues that I had in music I had in art. In fact I have found that almost the exact same way I go about creating music, is a very similar process to writing/composing music. If I find a issue in music, I can draw, discover some problem, and then go on to correct it. Drawing helps me to write music, and writing music helps me to draw.

I have also found, that writing music inspires me to draw, and vice versa. Talent is unlimited in the hands of God.