This is about myself, a little bit of history, and some numbers.


I started writing music in 1992, and became good enough to produce/compose by 1997/1998 however I was not able to consistently write, and produce till 2007, when I purchased a Mac, with Logic Studio Pro. Since then I have been able to refine my arrangement skills, and hone in on exactly what I want to accomplish.


I have been a born-again believer for as long as I can remember. Somewhere between 1997-2000 I lost my bearings, and seriously began to doubt what I had done in my past. I was very sure of my direction when I was younger, but as I grew older, things came undone, and I was very troubled. In this period of doubting, I tried to rediscover what my strengths and weaknesses were, and it was very difficult, all the tests that I took led me to the exact same answer. I was good at music and photography. I never could figure out which one to pursue, and it left me in a bind. I had spent a great deal of money, time, and dedication to working with music, just to
have it all just about fall apart. I had amassed such a large collection of equipment, that (1) I lost my creativity to make new music, and (2) owning lots of equipment on top of moving it all over the place (22 moves in nearly 15 years), I wondered if I should have owned any of it at all. Slowly, and one by one, God proved to me, that everything I had thought when I was young, was correct, but that somehow I had stopped believing that I was correct, I lost faith in my mission.

In 2004 I hit one turning point, God saved all of my equipment from total destruction. It was in a basement, and somewhere between 3 weeks, to 2 months, after I had moved it, that side of the basement flooded. If the basement had flooded when my equipment was there, then it would have been damaged beyond repair, and I am not sure what I would be saying today. But in that day God proved, that he has saved me from disaster, and from that day, I never troubled myself over owning all of the equipment.

In 2005 I hit another turning point, I was attending Saddleback Church in California, and I was on the last step of 4, to becoming involved at the church. On the last day, were we all given this giant sized form to fill out. While I was filling in that form, that is when I realized that I had been limiting my talent. God did not make me a musician,
nor did he make me an artist, or a photographer. God gave me a greater talent, he made me creative. This creativeness, I could choose to apply to any area, music, art, even photography, even in computers, and any other interest or desire I might have. It was a gift of unlimited creativity. But what I have found out is that this gift, it has one stipulation, that I remain a follower of God, that I seek, cling to, and follow God with all my heart, and serve Him only. If I do that, then unlimited creativity is given to me simply for the asking. All I need is to simply ask God for the creativity, and it flows, like a well gushing over, and it does not stop till I ask that it be turned off. It is because of the Holy Spirit that resides in me, that all of this is possible, and I firmly believe in it, and of it.

In 2007, that is when I learned that it was only with God, only when I was focused on Him did I write even one speck of music. I kid you not, without God, I can barley play 2 or 3 notes and sound good, but with God, chord progressions flow left and write, and most of the music I write, is written in only a few minutes. The arrangement may take an hour, and the mastering process takes me a while, but the chords, and progression of the music is fixed in usually just a few minutes, only this is from God, praise God, glory in the highest, and amen.


Over the years, I have been very fond of flowers, and I took many pictures of them. In 2006 I started working with stop motion, and animation. None of that was every released, but it will be soon, its on a 3 year plan, and since I am writing this in 2009, this is the year I had been working up to.


I am the guy, who works on long projects. My plans take 10-15 years to bear fruit, or come to any results. I am a planner. I like to do things that result in immediate results, but that is not always practical. I am not one to released unfinished things on youtube, or just put out something just to say I have done it. I wrote/arranged over 800 compositions, between 1997-2007. I do not have a shortage of work, I do have a shortage of time. I recognize that it takes time to make things that are worth while.

In 2004, I was having some trouble. I officially began to re-pursue Spoken Hope, after letting it float since 1996. So I set out to write some new material, and I write a few songs very quickly. Nothing was wrong with the music, but the messages I was speaking over the music, they came out wrong. I tried to do it all spontaneous but I realized that when you do that, you can get influenced by the devil, and he can sway your words. After that I when to pick it up again, about a year later in 2005. After trying to write some sermons, or messages to use with Spoken Hope, I found quickly that I lacked a complete knowledge of the Bible. I was so stressed out, that I hurriedly tried to figure out what to do, should I go to Bible college, or just go to seminary, or enroll in a class. I did not pursue those things in the end, instead what I did, is I just decided to read the Bible from beginning to end, at 5 chapters a day, including the weekends. In a little under a year, I finished. What made my anxiety leave, and deterred me from seminary or Bible college, was that I had to ask myself - what has kept me from reading the Bible over the last 5 years? Surely I have owned a Bible for at least 5 years, why is all the rush now? That is also when I learned, or reminded myself, that God has His own timetable. If I hurry up and do a wasted effort, I help no one. But if I am patient, and can wait on the Lord, better things can happen. That is what happened in 2007, EWF emerged, and I started working on Spoken Hope for now the 4th time.

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